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Street Food - Charcoal Cha Keow Teau

One of the most authentic experience is to enjoy a great street food meal by a tranquil roadside in Ipoh. All the folks that patronized this roadside stalls are regular locals and almost all of them know each other. You can strike a conversation with anyone sitting there and they will talk about the people in the village. Of course, the other conversation that is common is about the food!

The cha keow teau here is excellent since the two brothers fried it using charcoal which is very rare these days. You can have the "Wok Hei" which makes the CKT absolutely delicious. Couples with the home made belacan( a local shrimp paste chilli ) , it's heavenly and the keue teow just melts in your mouth. You have to have patience to dine in here as the average waiting time is 30 minutes.


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