• lim chiok chuan

Unique - Ipoh Special Snow Beer

One of the hidden gem in Ipoh is the snow beer also known as Suet Fa Beer. It is your regular Tiger/ Carlsberg / Asahi but prepared to be frosty, as in frosty blended Coffee Bean kind of frosty. So it is really easy to drink. Picture a Ice cold freezing (Literally) beer on a hot humid day. This will guarantee to quench your thirst, make you feel cool as ever. There are a few location in Ipoh Old Town area that serves these beers. The shops sell these beers daily from evening time till late. There are sorts of delicious local finger food ( Salted Egg Fried Squid, noodles, tantalizing chicken wings) that goes with the beer. All locals visit these beer places and a great way to make some local friends! What a fantastic way to wind down the day .

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