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History about Ipoh Concubine Lane

Concubine Lane in Old Town Ipoh has recently undergone a lot of changes in its more than 100 years history.

Most of old shops have been renovated with much of the original designs retained!

There are two versions of how its unique street name in cantonese derived. The first one is that most of the concubines of rich men lived on this lane

The second story is that tycoon Yau Tet Shin gifted the whole street of shops to his concubine

Of course,later there was a third concubine street not far from the second.I personally tend to go with the second version

Yau Tet Shin was instrumental in developing New Town of Ipoh. He build the first 350 shops in New Town

The area known collectively as Kong Heng Square is usually packed with tourists especially on Friday and Saturday and also Sunday morning

There is a pretty good Tau Fu Fah dessert stall on the lane and ofcourse the famous Kai See Ho Fun shop nearby if you can wait 45minutes for the serving.

Hope to see you in Ipoh

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