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  • Q1: I have someone who uses a wheelchair in my group. Is that a problem?
    A1: Please notify us at least a day in advance. This may incur an additional extra cost. For example, 5 passengers and 1 wheelchair will require a van which will cost an additional SGD $100.
  • Q2: Can you cater to allergies and special diets?
    A2: Please let us know your allergy and dietary needs.
  • Q3: Can the tour be conducted in both English and Chinese to cater for different members in the same group?
    A3: Yes, upon request. But if the group has more than 7 people, we will need to engage another tour guide which will incur an extra charge of SGD $150.
  • Q4: Do I need a visa for Malaysia?
    A4: Please refer to this link to check if you need a visa.
  • Q5: What are the entry requirements for Malaysia?
    A5: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your entry date into Malaysia.
  • Q1: Can I combine a package and experience/ accommodation?
    A1: While we can offer suggestions, you will have to arrange your own accommodation.
  • Q2: What if I want to book a tour for just a single person?
    A2: We accept solo tours but be aware that you will be charged the full amount listed in the pricing table for 1 to 3 people.
  • Q3: Can I go somewhere else in addition to the places listed in the package?
    A3: Yes but please notify us at least a day in advance as we quote on a case-by-case basis. In general, there will be an additional extra cost of if the requested location is not within 25km of Ipoh Old Town.
  • Q4: Can I swap a place out for another in the provided itinerary?
    A4: Please notify us at least a day in advance so we can quote accordingly based on the changes made to the itinerary.
  • Q5: Do you have half-day tours available?
    A5: Yes but the price is only slightly cheaper than a full day tour so we would recommend that you choose the full day tour instead.
  • Q6: Can I create my own custom itinerary?
    A6: Please send it to us at least 5 days in advance so we can review it first.
  • Q7: Do you offer tours to Penang?
    A7: Yes. This includes the transport and a guided tour.
  • Q8: Do you offer tours to Cameron Highlands?
    A8: Yes, but just for 1 day. If you want an overnight itinerary, we will consider it as another tour the next day. (I.e. 85 % of the full rate)
  • Q9: Do you offer tours to Taiping?
    A9: Yes.
  • Q10: Do you offer tours to Pangkor Island?
    A10: No. The furthest we will go (in that direction) is Setiawan and Lumut.
  • Q11: Do you offer night tours in Ipoh?
    A11: We do not offer night tours.
  • Q12: Do you offer tours to Belum Rainforest?
    A12: We will only provide transport there so you will have to book your own tour.
  • Q13: What is the minimum and maximum group size you can cater?
    A13: We can support a group size of 1 up to 30 pax.
  • Q1: I need to cancel on the day of the tour, will I get a refund?"
    A1: These are the conditions and corresponding refund rates that we follow: More than 15 days from the actual tour date – You get 100% refund including the deposit 15 or less than 15 days from the actual tour date - We keep the deposit (20%) and will return the rest (80%) to the you Actual tour date – We keep everything (100%) Note: This refund policy is the same whether you pay 100% upfront or just the deposit of 20% first.
  • Q2: Can I reschedule the day of my tour?
    A2: Please let us know what your new tour date is as soon as possible. And we will get back to you if there’s availability. This may incur an additional cost depending on our resources that day.
  • Q1: Do I have to pay tips?
    A1: This is not compulsory.
  • Q2: Are there discounts for Malaysians?
    A2: No.
  • Q3: Any student discounts?
    A3: No
  • Q4: Can I get a discount if I book multiple days?
    A4: This is not possible as we already charge the minimum price for our tours.
  • Q5: What are your available payment methods?
    A5: We prefer direct bank transfer to our DBS account (Singapore Bank) but we have Paypal as well.
  • Q6: Any discounts for returning customers?
    A6: We’ll be glad to offer a 10% discount for returning customers. Please do inform us of your full name and email so we can check our records accordingly.
  • Q7: Is there a deposit for booking a tour?
    A7: Yes, the deposit is 20% of the total tour price. The remaining payment must be made on the day of the tour.
  • Q1: Is this tour appropriate for small children?
    A1: Yes, our tour is family- friendly. Do note that infants must be in diapers for the duration of the tour.
  • Q2: What if it rains?
    A2: The tour will still proceed as scheduled.
  • Q3: Do I have to be fit to take the tour?
    A3: Do let us know if you have any physical difficulties. And if you have children or elderly members in your group. We will then arrange the tour itinerary accordingly (e.g. less stairs to climb, etc)
  • Q4: How do I check the availability of tours online?
    A4: Please contact us with your intended date of travel in Ipoh, either on Facebook or through our WhatsApp. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Q5: Do I need travel insurance?
    A5: We do not provide travel insurance so you may want to book one on your own.
  • Q6: Is there an age limit?
    A6: While there is no age limit, you will have to be quite mobile.
  • Q7: Is one day enough to get a good Ipoh experience?
    A7: One day is adequate but 2 days would be more complete.
  • Q8: Are pets allowed on the tour?
    A8: Pets are not allowed on the tour as many establishments in Ipoh (and Malaysia) do not allow pets in general.
  • Q1: What should I bring for the tour?
    A1: Besides your travel documents, money and booking receipts, you will need: Sunscreen Camera (or just your phone) Your personal medication A pair of good walking shoes A water bottle A hat and breezy clothing And a small day bag to keep everything in
  • Q1: Do I have to pay for my own meals?
    A1: Meals are not included into our tour packages.
  • Q2: Do you offer photography service with the tour?
    A2: We do not currently offer any photography services with our tours.
  • Q3: Are alcoholic beverages included in the tour package?
    A3: No.
  • Q4: What does the tour price include?
    A4: Transport and guide
  • Q5: Are there bathroom and prayer breaks?
    A5: Yes, and you may request for these at any time of the tour.
  • Q6: Does the tour vehicle have WiFi onboard?
    A6: Yes
  • Q1: Do you offer airport pick-up services from Kuala Lumpur?
    A1: Please notify us at least 7 days in advance. This may incur an additional extra cost (e.g. for a group of 4 or less people, the cost will be SGD $200 for just the airport transport).
  • Q2: Can you pick up members of my group from different places? (E.g. Ipoh airport, Ipoh train station, Kuala Lumpur)"
    A2: Please notify us at least a day in advance so we can quote accordingly. This will incur additional cost.
  • Q3: Can you pick us up from any hotel in Ipoh?
    A3: Yes, do inform us of the hotel you are staying at least one day ahead of the tour.

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