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Old Town Area

Mainly boutique hostels but the best place to stay, to get a feel of old Ipoh and its charm and food. Classic Studio , Sekeping , The Happy 8 retreat etc. All attractions within 20 minutes walking distance. (Little India, Railway Station, Kong Heng famous chicken hor fun, Suet Fa beer, the Padang etc) . You would just need to walk around this area encircled in the map and most of the attractions are here. Recommended to stay here and is generally safe.

Sekeping Boutique

This hotel is pretty unique, refurbished about 5 years ago from a shop house. Just next door you can find the famous Ipoh Kai Si Ho Fun.

Happy 8 Retreat (This has since be reviewed to have bad bed sheet by our esteemed Guests)

I would need to remove this as our tour guests mentioned that the bed sheet is not changed and for the rate this hotel is charging. This is not worth it. The late evening night service staff is not there as well. So for solo traveler, it is not ideal.

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