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Tambun Area

These area is where you are close to the Lost world of Tambun, owned by Sunway. You can check out Banjaran hot spring , it is by far the most luxurious hotel in Ipoh and can cost 400-500 SGD a night, there is a hot spring and excellent spa retreat surrounded by limestone hills , as part of the facilities of the hotel. so If you feel like splurging and going for a retreat, this is the hotel, Please book early cause it is very popular.

Banjaran Hot Spring

I think a picture paints a thousand words here. Beautiful Natural Limestone hill . It is here you can conduct your Yoga or a Vipassana meditation, and if you want to experience Ipoh City, it is only 20 minutes drive away.

The Haven (Best Western Run)

Slightly further down the Banjaran, there is a new development where it is condominium called the Haven and one of the block is run as a hotel by Best Western.

One of my friend has a unit here and I really love the view and the tranquility of this area. If you love nature, you would love it here.

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