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Ipoh Itinerary – What You Should And Should Not Do

Updated: Mar 25

It is easy to follow the crowd and go for all the major tourist spots to fill up your Ipoh itinerary.

But what if we told you that you’d be missing out on some gems this way? What if there’s a better way to go about planning your trip?

Follow this guide and you’ll know what to do (and not do)!

Must-See Attractions

While in Ipoh, these are the places we think that first-time visitors should see:

  • At least one cave temple (we recommend Kek Lok Tong)

  • Ipoh Old Town and heritage landmarks like the Ipoh Railway Station

  • TT5 Tin Dredge – last remaining tin dredge in Malaysia

  • A heritage gallery/ museum like Han Chin Pet Soo Museum

  • Gua Tempurung – fun caving experience suitable for beginners

Main Entrance Of Kek Look Tong In Ipoh
Main Entrance Of Kek Look Tong In Ipoh

Of course, some of these attractions (e.g., Gua Tempurung) are out of the way, so you must prioritize what you want to see most.

Other Recommended Attractions:

  • Tasik Cermin

  • Kellie’s Castle

  • Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village

Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village
Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village

Must-Try Food

There is a lot of great food in Ipoh, but you don’t want to leave Ipoh without trying these dishes in particular:

  • Hainanese chicken rice

  • Gai Se Hor Fun

  • Curry Mee

  • Tau Fu Fah

  • Ipoh white coffee

Famous Kai Si Hor Fun At Thean Chun Coffee Shop
Famous Kai Si Hor Fun At Thean Chun Coffee Shop

Our Recommended Ideal Itinerary For A Full Day In Ipoh

If you have only one day in Ipoh, we would advise spending it this way. Even if there’s going to be a lot of driving involved.

  • 8am* – Breakfast (gai se hor fun) at Moon De Moon

  • 9am – Beat the heat and the crowds to Tasik Cermin – take the boat ride at Tasik Cermin 2

Mirror Lake 2 In Ipoh
Mirror Lake 2 In Ipoh
  • 10am – Visit Kek Lok Tong

  • 11am – Have an early lunch (curry mee and a rich Ipoh white coffee) at Yat Yat Seng

  • 12pm – Explore Ipoh Old Town (See the railway station, Birch Memorial Clock Tower, and Concubine Lane) – it’ll be hot so bring an umbrella.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower
Birch Memorial Clock Tower
  • 1pm – Make a visit to Ho Yan Hor Museum (free entry but reservations are required, especially on weekends)

  • 2pm – Join the afternoon slot at Han Chin Pet Soo Museum (prior booking required on their website)

  • 3pm – Go mural hunting (street arts at Ipoh Old Town) or souvenir shopping around Ipoh New Town; Try super smooth tau fu fah at Woong Kee Beancurd (Taman Jubilee);

Assorted Fruit Tree Mural At Ipoh Old Town
Assorted Fruit Tree Mural At Ipoh Old Town
  • 4pm – Get a coffee break at one of Ipoh’s many charming cafes (Jln Theatre Coffee is our suggestion)

  • 5pm – Start joining the dinner queue (totally worth it) for Restoran Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiau (not open from Monday to Wednesday)

  • 7pm – Check out the local night market scene (Gerbang Malam is open every day of the week). Markets are a great place to try laksa and other street snacks.

* If you can wake up even earlier and be at your chosen breakfast spot by 7:30am, you should go to TT5 Tin Dredge instead of Tasik Cermin.

Tips For Visiting Famous Attractions

The worst thing about Ipoh is how crowded it can get in Ipoh Old Town. Parking is not easy to find, and all the popular eating spots require waiting times.

Tourists Walking Along Concubine Lane
Tourists Walking Along Concubine Lane

But from our personal experience, famous places like Thean Chun are still worth going to if you avoid going on public holidays, school holidays and weekends.

Alternatively, it really pays to be up early when in Ipoh.

Breakfast crowds peak at 9am so if you can be up before this, you’ll be able to enjoy breakfast without the crowds.

Finishing breakfast early would in turn, lead to a more pleasant experience (i.e. not so hot) at your next destination. Particularly if it’s going to be an outdoor attraction like Tasik Cermin.


While the above Ipoh itinerary has most of the things that you should try in Ipoh, one day is not enough to see the more unique attractions like the TT5 Tin Dredge and Gua Tempurung.

So, consider staying longer, if you want to see more than what most people do in Ipoh.

Our private tour service can save you the trouble of navigating through new places and looking for parking constantly.

Plus, our guides know best where to go if something doesn’t work out according to schedule. Local insight is always welcome too when you’re in a new city with an unfamiliar culture or language.

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