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Cowan Street The famous lou wong bean sprout chicken that every foreign tourist go is actually over rated, we locals go to the one at cowan street ,which doesn't have a fix schedule of opening. Waiting time for that one is quite long between 10-30 mins so bring a book or play with FB Jalan Jubilee This yong tau foo place is very famous for the locals. The Beef tendon balls, and beef balls are hand made, one of the very very few left in Ipoh that still practices this. It used to be in menglembu but now it is at Jalan Jubilee, city center. There is a queue system there so be prepared to wait for about 20 to 30 minutes. Jalan Ali Pitchay Also known as "Small Genting" 小云顶 , there is a night kai si ho fun ( chicken shredded noodle ) that is run by 2 ladies, who has been cooking at this stall for 30 years or so. They are the "anchor tenant" and there are about 10 other food stalls there you can sample the food ( Satay, lok lok, bbq fish, hokkien noodle etc) . Overall not bad. There also used to be a Chinese Indian couple running a indian food stall which is very popular and tasty. However, they disappear 2 months ago, I am still tracing where they are now. Good food. Jalan Sultan Ekram (Dinner + Supper) Also known as "Tong Sui Kai" 糖水街 , or "Wai Sik Kai" 贪吃街. One whole row of food stalls, easily 50 of them in a row . I like the beef noodles towards the end of the row with a model cow head hanging at the stall front. He has been operating the stall for 30 years shifting to diff places and for the last 10 years was at tong sui kai. The cha keow teau stall, wanton noodles stall and the desserts stall are favourites as well. Hoong Tho @ Jalan Bandar Timah This place has been here since the beginning of time . Also a local favourite with very localised dishes (Sang har mee / wat tan hor etc ). Again prepared to wait Non air conditioned sit down style with pre war ambience. The Wok Taste is there. Pusing Public Restaurant @ Jalan Horley The only restaurant in my thread here that is Air conditioned. It is Tzi Char style where you can get delicacy dishes like abalone etc. The steamed big prawns is super good and also the stewed lamb ( Have to order 1 day in advance ) This is the pricier restaurant but then if you convert SGD to myr, it is very value for money for the quality of food. Again this place is packed and recommended to book in advance. Wooley Food City @ Canning Gardens Massive food court with a wide variety of food. From dry curry noodles to cha keow teau to rojak . There have all sorts here, for variety you can visit this place. Finding parking will be a challenge Yik Foong Makeshift food stalls @ Jalan Laxamana (only Supper) This place only starts to get busy 10pm till late. So if you go pub hopping or clubbing and need some food afterwards, you can come here. The hokkien prawn noodles are superb and of course, prepare to wait Snow Flake Beer Yun Wah @ Jalan Bijeh Timah (only Supper) Well this is not so much of the food but the beer. The beer is famous not because of the brand of the beer , but because the method of storing and pouring of the beer. It is semi frozen and when you pour out the beer , thus creating snow flakes like texture and make it very easy to drink. The beers are just normal Tiger, Carlsberg or Asahi. You have to try it to believe it. You can order finger food and some noodles to go with the beer. Open air near the road side with some breeze. My Mum Home cook food Of course last but not least , my mum hakka dishes at home. The yong tau foo is all hand made with fresh fish and minced pork and salted fish. The drunken chicken noodles with home made wine and many more now I miss home lol The above food places are all local and either open air or non air conditioned in the building with very affordable prices. The only Exception is Pusing Public restaurant that is air conditioned and pricier. Happy Dining!

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