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  • Raymond Lim

Betong, another Hidden Gem

Going to Betong Thailand from Ipoh is a pleasant 3 hours drive.Take to the NS Plus highway and exit to Kuala Kangsar (Royal Town). Usually if I start early from Ipoh I will stop in K. Kangsar for the beef and pork ball noodle breakfast situated at the Hainanese association building. Open in the morning

and close every Monday. The meat balls are home made Hainan food and I don't have to tell you how good they are.The noodle come either with a full flavour gravy or if you prefer soup.

From KK, we take the road to Pengkalan Hulu on the Malaysian Thai border,the towns we pass by are Lenggong and Grik. Lenggong is famous for the fresh water "Sai Tow" fish ball and also many variety of fresh water fish that is peculiar to this area.

The drive to the border is quite relaxing as the traffic is rather thin, however, there are many road crossings and small settlements along the way.The scenery is unique to this locale and it changes as get closer to Betong. It is then a steady incline to P.Hulu. Betong is located on top of a hill and temp. is quite cool esp. at night

when it can come down to 21 C

Clearance through Immigration and custom is a cinch during weekdays but it can be congested on Friday and Saturday. Don't forget to shop at the duty free shop after the Malaysian side and before the Thai custom.

Hotels are plentiful and the top 3 star hotel are priced at 1800 baht upwards.Just be warned that some of the

cheaper hotels have porn movie channel upon request, and FOC

Many Thai Chinese here speak Cantonese and their food origin is Cantonese, thats why I love to eat here.

2 nites 3 days stay is ideal to take in everything in Betong.

Piyamit Tunnels about 8 km. from town is a must visit. Hiring tok tok (local taxi) can be stressful and also

expensive. This small cave complex was where the communist members (mostly Malaysians) took shelter when the Malaysian armed forces with the consent of their Thai counterpart execute raids especially bombing


Majority of former Malaysian communists remained in Thailand when offered Thai citizenship. In fact there is an enclave of former Malaysians near Betong.

Traditional Thai and full body oil massage is freely available and inexpensive.

Betong is a holiday destination that is not on the world map now,but an airport is being constructed.

Visit it before commercialisation sets in as have so many other THAI destinations. If you come to Ipoh I take you there.

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