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Thank you for making our lives more meaningful and fun !

On 2nd of Feb this year, we have our first tour guests, a lovely mum and daughter duo who wanted to experience Ipoh in its true form, and to experience Ipoh like the locals do. We fulfilled that and not only our guests are delighted, we felt even more delighted as we have very happy guests and managed to showcase Ipoh. We realised that it is a matter of perspective, activities we do which may seemed mundane to us, is very interesting to our guests. ( Pasar malam visit for example , the truly raw 1970-s night market experience )

From that day onward , we never looked back, we know what our mission is , is to showcase Ipoh and its true form to all our guests. So far, we have very happy guests, mostly senior citizens who enjoyed our company, enjoyed the good food and the fuss free experience.

Below : Our first ever guests - mum and daughter duo :)

Below : Today, Making Happy tour guests, Happier !

Below : Many other happy guests who were delighted with the raw local experience.

Do give us the opportunity to host you when you visit Ipoh , contact or whatsapp +6019-5609070 or visit our website


Raythetour Team

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