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  • Raymond Lim

Local Favourites (local price dinner)

The largest food court in Ipoh opens only for dinner. We locals call it "mushroom pavilion' a direct translation from its Cantonese name.

The official name is Kam Wan restaurant located in Ipoh Garden. It has at least 40 types of food within its premise. As food taste is a very individual feature of human experience I will not attempt to recommend any, however,I can state my personal likes or favourites.

The curry noodle with cockles (KL folks call it laksa) is good either soup or dry mixed Kow chi/woh tip (Shanghai dumplings)also of standard but the filling seem to be smaller recently, Ikan bakar is commendable,the sauce is spicy

Claypot chicken rice is good but be prepared to wait for the cooking takes time

Nyoya pandan spicy rice is too sweet for my liking but always attract a queue

Poh piah has many fans but is over rated in my opinion

The ice-kachang with gula melaka and santan is my favourite dessert.

This will actually be a truly local experience as this place is nestled in a local residential neighbourhood (Ipoh Garden) so I highly recommend this place.

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