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Ipoh Transport And Tour Service - How To Get Around Ipoh

Updated: Feb 24

Ipoh transport service is limited. The city doesn’t have a modern metro train system or tram service. Cars and motorcycles are the main transport mode for locals when it comes to getting around Ipoh.

Tourists have to depend on the public buses, taxis and maybe their own two feet! Which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

And that’s why we’re going to give you a rundown of all the available Ipoh transport modes as well as a reliable tour service!

7 Best Ipoh Transport Service To Get Around Ipoh

Of course, we’re going to touch on our own tour service first. Before going down the list of all the alternative transport you can find in Ipoh!

Arranged from highest to lowest comfort and convenience!

1. Ipoh Transport And Tour Service

If you want a trusted person to bring you around Ipoh, try our private tour service, RayTheTour!

We provide highly personalized and quality private tour guide services to showcase the uniqueness of our hometown and country! And all with your comfort as top priority!

Our crew of local tour guides is experienced! And eager to show where all the locals get their food in Ipoh!

The lead guide, Raymond is a fully licensed tour guide from the Tourism association of Malaysia. And a true Ipoh resident of ~60 years!

More about RayTheTour:

  • Comfortable transport (MPVs like Toyota Innova or vans)

  • English-speaking guides

  • Chinese-speaking guides

  • Unlimited places of interest (within a reasonable time frame, of course)

  • Pick up from your hotel/ airport before our tours

  • Drop off to your hotel after our tours

Whatsapp us or you could write to for tour enquiries.

2. Getting Around Ipoh With Taxi Or E-hailing Service (Grab)

The standard taxi fare from Ipoh airport to the city (where most hotels are) costs ~MYR20 (Don’t quote us on that!).

There are waiting taxis outside the airport and Ipoh hotels are generally within 10 -15 minutes’ reach from the airport.

Banjaran Hot Spring Hotel - a luxury hotel by Sunway, however is a 25 minute-ride from the airport. So taxis will charge more for that.

By right, the taxi drivers are supposed to switch on their meters to charge their customers fairly.

But most do not. And you will have to rely on your negotiating skills instead!

On the other hand, Grab in Ipoh is not as widespread as in other major Malaysian cities. But it is more affordable than taxis (~RM14 to the Old Town from the airport!)


  • Private

  • Moderately priced

  • Available for most areas in Ipoh


  • Limited seating

  • Hard to find one late at night

  • Extra effort to arrange return trips

  • Longer waiting time (for Ipoh since there aren’t that many Grab drivers yet)

3. Travelling Around Ipoh With A Car Rental Service

Car rental starts from RM110/ day. Depending on the size of the car!

Note: Singapore driving licenses are accepted.

Some car rental companies in Ipoh:

  1. Asia Car Rental

  2. Wahdah

  3. Farego


  • Easy to get anywhere you want, when you want

  • Privacy for your group


  • Troublesome to drive and find a car park in Old Town

  • Still have to pay parking fees!

4. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Service

Every weekend, there’s a special bus service for tourists in Ipoh! It has seating at the top and makes numerous stops around Ipoh via 2 circuits!

Note: It’s not free. See rates below.

In - Circuit Route

The in-circuit route will take you from the main bus terminal over in Meru and to the most touristy part of Ipoh, Ipoh Old Town!

Operating Hours: 8.30am – 9:30pm

  1. Meru Terminal

  2. Ipoh High Court

  3. Little India

  4. Ipoh Old Town

  5. Telekom Malaysia

  6. Brewster Road

  7. Weil Hotel / Ipoh Parade

  8. Gerbang Malam (Night Market)

  9. Octagon

  10. The Majestic

  11. Panglima Kinta Mosque

Out - Circuit Route

See more than just Ipoh Old Town with the out-circuit route. Highlights include the Lost World of Tambun, Sam Poh Tong and Kellie’s Castle!

Operating Hours: 9am – 8:30pm

  1. Meru Terminal

  2. Ipoh Town Hall

  3. Ipoh Old Town

  4. Ipoh Parade

  5. Lost World Of Tambun

  6. Pomelo Orchard Farm

  7. Sam Poh Tong

  8. Gopeng Town

  9. Kellie's Castle

  10. Silveritage Medan Gopeng

  11. Panglima Kinta Mosque


  • Expensive for non-locals

  • Air-conditioned

  • Goes to most places of interest in Ipoh


  • No pick up or drop off at your hotel

  • Only available on weekends

  • Not private

5. Ipoh Public Transport Service – Bus

Public transport is not recommended as it is often not reliable:

By this, we mean that the buses schedules are not predictable! So you could be wasting a lot of time waiting.

Public Bus: myBas by Perak Transit Bus Terminals:

  1. Terminal Amanjaya – Interstate buses

  2. Medan Kidd Station (Ipoh Old Town) – Local buses

Bus From Ipoh Airport To Town Or Hotel

Bus T37 is very inexpensive at RM3 for a one-way trip!

The downside – it takes an hour to reach the city. When you could be there in 20 minutes with a taxi!


Sultan Azlan Shah Airport - Quest International University Perak - Tow Boo Keong Temple - Mural Art's Lane (Near Jalan Sultan Iskandar - Ipoh New Town) - Railway Station Ipoh (Ipoh Old Town) - Medan Kidd Station

Operating Hours: 5:40 am - 7:00 pm

Frequency: 1 hour

Bus From Amanjaya Bus Terminal To Town

Bus 30a & 30b will both stop at Amanjaya Bus Terminal before heading back to town via Jalan Chemor. Passing through the industrial area of Ipoh!


Amanjaya Terminal - Carsem S Site - Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes - Medan Kidd Station

Operating Hours: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm

Frequency: 1 hour

Bus Getting Around Ipoh Town

Perhaps the most popular bus with visitors:

Bus F100 goes around Ipoh Old Town, including the Ipoh Railway Station and other landmarks in Old Town. Eventually making its way through the administrative area of Ipoh (i.e. Greentown).

Stopping at a couple of malls and the public hospital before ending its loop back at Medan Kidd Station (Terminal Kidd).


Medan Kidd Station - Railway Station Ipoh (Ipoh Old Town) - St. Michael's Institution - UTC Ipoh - Gerbang Malam Ipoh - Ipoh Parade - Greentown - Angsana Mall - Ipoh General Hospital - Railway Station Ipoh (Ipoh Old Town) - Medan Kidd Station

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 6:30 am - 8:10 pm Sat-Sun, 6:30 am - 8:00 pm

Frequency: 20 - 30 minutes

Price (one-way): RM1 to RM3+

Note: You’ll need exact change to board the buses in Ipoh!


  • Really inexpensive

  • Stops in Ipoh Old Town and other places of interest


  • Old buses

  • Long travel time

  • Unreliable timing

  • Not available at night (i.e. after 8pm)

6. Bicycle Rental Service

Ipoh doesn’t have the dense traffic you’ll find in other Malaysian cities like KL or Penang.

However, there are no designated lanes for cyclists. So some people just cycle on the pedestrian sidewalks instead!

Watch out for the stray motorcyclist or two! And prepare for humid conditions! Which is likely the reason why bicycle rentals in Ipoh are not that many!

CycleDios Smart Bike Rental

To rent one of their bikes from CycleDios, you will have to download their app first. Using your mobile number to register!

Buy some credit and unlock a bike with the respective QR code. The standard bikes have a rate of RM1.20 for every 30 minutes!

Note: They have all sorts of bikes!

After using them, you can return the bike to any of the stations around town. Lock the bike to end the charging process!


  • Environmentally-friendly

  • Flexible – stop whenever you want

  • Inexpensive

  • Exercise at the same time


  • At the mercy of the elements (and traffic)!

  • Online registration required

  • Only convenient within Ipoh Old Town

7. Walking Around Ipoh

With a map from the Ipoh Tourist Information Centre, yon explore Ipoh Old Town and Ipoh Street Art on your own!

Just be sure to book a hotel that’s close to everything you want to see!


  • Won’t cost you anything!

  • Can stop easily to take photos

  • No stress (e.g. to catch the bus)


  • Subject to the weather – it’s usually incredibly humid


Let RayTheTour be your trusted Ipoh transport and tour service! For a fuss-free and memorable experience with our personal tour guides!

If not, then there are other options like car rental, walking, cycling or the public bus and taxis!

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