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Mystical Fortune Teller

I recently discovered a very low key but accurate fortune teller in Ipoh. He doesn't have any signboards or road sign to point to his house. If you don't know him, you wouldn't know that he does fortune telling. (palmistry, bazi and facial )

He is already 80 years old and has been doing fortune telling for the last 50 years. The journey to his place , least to say , is mystical. His residence nestled in some very secluded place by the river and the greens. If you are making big decisions in your life, and feel like looking at your luck, why not visit this fortune teller ? You could tour the surrounding Pomelo farms as well to get some Ipoh famous Pomelo and local food right from the farms

[Above] His residence nestled behind the hill and in front there is a small river

[Above] This is where he tells fortune for the last 50 years.

Amazingly, after my fortune telling, I witnessed a snake crossing the pathway. I hope it means good fortune for me and all !

Reach us at +65 8428 3884 or write to me at , visiting fortune teller is part of our Ipoh tour itinerary as well.

The journey towards his residence is an adventure itself but you will be rewarded at the destination.

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