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Ipoh Nightlife – What Is There To Do After Dark?

Updated: Mar 29

Ipoh is not a nightlife hub and probably won’t be anytime soon. Many of its residents start the day early.

But what is there for anyone to do if they still want to explore Ipoh after dinner?

Here are our best recommendations on how you can pass a few pleasant hours in the late evenings.

1. Visit A Local Food Haunt

There are not many but the most famous of these is Tong Sui Kai which is open until 11:30pm every day besides Monday and Tuesday.

Another choice would be Aneka Selera Kam Wan which closes at 10:30pm.

You can try local food like ais kacang, rojak and popiah at these places.

One more local food court that is open at night is Stadium Indera Mulia.

2. Meet More Tourists At The Pubs

Gastro pubs like Euro House and Rooftop Restaurant and Bar are local favorites. Others like Bricks and Barrels are very lively.

If you want something with a view, try The Deck Gastrobar over at WEIL Hotel.

3. Hit The Local Mall

It might be unusual where you’re from that most malls in Malaysia close late. Even in Ipoh, you’ll still see many families wandering AEON Kinta City Mall and Ipoh Parade Mall after dinner.

And sometimes, movie showings are available after mall closing times (10pm).

Some malls have arcades, karaoke bars and bowling alleys too.

4. Go For A Massage

Malls are not the only places that close at night in Ipoh. There are massage centers like Thai Oasis that close at 12am.

Or if you have the budget for it, you can have a luxurious evening at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat. The last appointment slot here is at 9pm.

5. Explore Palo 101 Ipoh And Soho Ipoh

These two areas are family friendly, and easily walkable from each other. There are trendy coffee shops, restaurants, and dessert shops that stay open late.


This includes the brand-new Hard Rock Café over at Palo 101 Ipoh.

6. Take A Stroll Along Kinta Riverwalk

Kinta Riverwalk has had a recent makeover. But there still is not much to do here besides admire the LED-lit trees and pedestrian bridges.

The mood here is usually more quiet than lively.

There are shops along the walk, including a rental stall for bicycles and other attractive rides suitable for small kids.

If you’re looking for coffee, there’s one interesting café to check out here (Coffee CAMP 612 Cafe Ipoh).

7. Soak In A Hot Spring

Sunway Lost World’s Night Park and Hot Springs are a fun (but expensive) way to spend time with the family after dark.

Besides the multiple hot spring pools you can try, there is a steam cave. It is quite intense.

And they have fire shows and a night zoo worth checking out too.

8. Have Beer By The Roadside

When Concubine Lane quietens down for the day, Kafe Yoon Wah in Ipoh Old Town awakens.

They have canopies that large groups can sit comfortably underneath. As well as Chinese dishes to go with their signature beer in frosted glasses (aka snow beer).

Another option for a similar experience can be had at Fei Bo Snow Beer over at Ipoh Garden East.

Fei Bo Snow Beer Ipoh Garden East
Fei Bo Snow Beer Ipoh Garden East - photo credit @fakekupo

But the Kiki Lalat is where the younger crowd hang out. They have palm wine (toddy) and other craft beer. Sometimes they turn off their sound system to let the crowd take over on open mic nights (free style karaoke).

PS: For something more refined (think cocktails but with local influences), we recommend Atas Speakeasy. Phone reservations are advised.


Night owls will still have somewhere to go in Ipoh when most places are closed. Sure, it’s not going to be an exciting night, but a chill one.

Take your pick of these nighttime venues!

You might want to have a look at our suggestions on what to do in Ipoh too.

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